Eternal Tuat—Sekhmet’s Guardians, Book Four


PARANORMAL:  Bagsu’s story takes place 6,000 years ago on the planet of New Tuat, where the gods of the ancient Egyptians have established an idyllic existence. Bagsu is son of a high priest and twin brother to Netchket.  He desires a scholarly life and is set to take over as high priest, while Netchket is the family black sheep.  His life changes when he goes to school and meets the love of his life.   From that moment, Bagsu's dream is to marry Nefer-her and start a life together.  After a series of tragedies Bagsu becomes consumed with revenge, and his destiny takes a dark path that will divide the twins' close friendship forever.  


“Eternal Tuat” has an interesting premise and a unique storyline based on Egyptian mythology, but the passive voice is a major shortcoming. It’s difficult to feel emotionally involved with the story - the narrative feels as matter-of-fact in tone as a news article. The action scenes lack excitement and description, as readers are told and not shown that action. Bagsu is initially very sympathetic and his love for Nefer-her is the novel’s strong point. However, the friendship between Bagsu and his brother feels lukewarm considering its importance to the storyline.  Lastly, Bagsu’s descent down his dark path is unconvincing and underwritten; the conclusion of this novel too abrupt.  

Despite its flaws, however, the Egyptian folklore and history intertwining the elements of this story are done superbly. Fans of this age will likely appreciate, enjoy and desire to continue this series.

Danielle Hill