Escaping the Duke (The Secret Crusaders)

Melanie Rose
Priscilla Livingston is a woman who shuns the aristocracy in favor of helping the poor and uses surprisingly adept covert moves to do it. Edmund Hawkins, the Duke Bradenton, is as arrogant and demanding as one might expect in a Regency romance. Yet, with a heart of gold and equal concern for the poor with the means to help, even from the shadows. When two strong-minded individuals meet, there is sure to be fireworks of a romantic nature.
“Escaping the Duke” is a fun romp through the end of the Regency period. While women aren’t given a lot of liberty, if you are smart enough, you can champion your causes. Priscilla is definitely smart, if not a bit naïve, but works tirelessly to help the poor. Her spirit and commitment are both endearing qualities. The Duke is, as you might expect, charming, handsome, and in command of every situation, except where the lovely Miss Livingston is concerned. Their meeting is contentious at first, but soon filled with mutual admiration. Unfortunately, it takes them far too long to get to that point and their contention seems a bit drawn out. The heroine’s reluctance in terms of a marriage/intimate situation leads to some witty banter between the two. The setting was spot-on with the details of the time period, making it easy to picture oneself among the ton. Fans of Regency-era romance, especially with a touch of banter, will definitely enjoy this book!
N.E. Kelley