Entranced by the Earl (The Perks of Being an Heiress, Book 2)


The Marquess of Dorchester gives an heirloom ring to his pregnant American mistress before she sails away to return home. The ring is to ensure the finances of Anne Thorncroft and their child. Now both the Marquess and Anne have passed on and Anne’s three daughters take the ring for appraisal only to have the current Earl of Hawkridge, Weston, take the ring back as his property, feeling his father had no right to give the ring away. Joanna thus finds out she is the half-sister to Weston. His twin sister Brynne, invites Joanna’s sister, Evie, to their month long house party. The rub? Weston cannot abide the sight of Evie. Brynne arranges for the two to spend quality time together riding in the same carriage as they travel to Hawkridge Manor. Too bad the axle broke. Too bad Weston cannot keep his hands and lips to himself, much to his chagrin.

“Entranced by the Earl” is a hilarious story of what happens when a non-compliant girl meets a demanding Earl. Sparks fly whenever these two are in the same room. Ms. Eaton keeps her readers on their toes by having the Earl be smitten with Evie one moment and rejecting her the next. The characters are colorful and larger than life in this playful story. Hawkridge Manor is huge and imposing but is well described so we soon learn the layout and become comfortable in the manse. A delightful story, it will keep a grin on the reader’s face as one reads the escapades of Weston and Evie in this second book in The Perks of Being an Heiress series.

Belinda Wilson