Enticed by Lady Elianna


REGENCY:  Lady Elianna is suddenly left destitute when her father unexpectedly dies. Her fate now resides in the hands of a distant cousin who is to become the new Earl. When Elianna discovers that he and his family plan on using her as a servant or sending her to a nunnery, she chooses the former, hoping it will be only temporary. Five years later, she is stuck in her role with no way out… until she catches the eye of Lord Garrett Tumbley, Viscount Sinclair. He has no interest in marriage and prefers to gamble, drink and wench, but he can sense Lady Elianna is in desperate need of his help, and he is determined to give it.

A blue silk dress, slippers, a curfew of midnight, a charming Lord, and insufferable younger cousin, this clean Regency romance is a sweet retelling of the classic Cinderella story! Elianna is a likable character with a strong will to persevere against her less than pleasant circumstances. Lord Sinister, as Sinclair is sometimes called, is the typical rogue who prefers freedom to the parson’s noose, but not even he can escape Elianna’s beauty. While this an entertaining remake of a beloved fairy tale, aside from the regency theme, few details are unique to this story. Lord Sinclair seems to contradict himself by insisting he prefers gambling, women, and booze to marriage, yet after one meeting in a garden and a sweet kiss, he is instantly in love, making the connection feel forced. Being on the shorter side, this was a fun and enjoyable read for a lover of Regency and a happily ever after!

Dahlia Gosney