An Engaged Grand Tour (Victorian Grand Tour Book 2)

Lisa H.

Lucy Maldon is in a bind. Her fiancé has taken to the continent for a belated Grand Tour with his brother and left her with no word and no proof that he will return to keep his word and marry her. When an opportunity presents itself to go after him, she takes it. Peter Chelmsford is not pleased that his Grand Tour has been hijacked by his older brother, but since Walter pays the bills, he can hardly naysay him. Yet when Peter runs into Lucy, he finds himself torn between helping the lady he is quickly falling for and supporting his brother. With hearts on the line, choices must be made. Will duty win out, or will love?

A direct sequel, this story picks up shortly after the previous leaves off with the focus on Lucy, Peter, Walter, and some old friends. The descriptions of the grand tour are both beautiful and interesting as the author explores both historical sites as well as some of the nursing courses that followed Florence Nightingale’s work. Yet the best of this story are the multiple romances and friendships! They are so engrossing and enchanting that readers will find themselves losing sleep to reach the conclusions. While the conflict is minimal and the ending is predictable, the emotions Lucy sorts through are so vivid, readers will find themselves captivated and eager to read the next book!

Sarah E Bradley