Enemy of Mine (The Glimpse Time Travel #1) By: Red L Jameson

Red L.

PARANORMAL:  Minerva Ferguson has been working hard as a military historian and is so close to her PhD. She has tried to please her advisor and is continually told to edit her dissertation, while teaching her classes and those of her advisor. Finally her muses step in and give her the historical data she needs to write the best dissertation possible by living in the era of her work, and meeting the main historical figure she has been taken by; Lord General William Hill. Erva is transplanted to 1776 and is living in a time that she has read about and meeting people she has been researching. Erva is enveloped by the people and circumstances and fits in wonderfully with her military background and decides that she wants to stay in this time. Will her muses allow her to stay or send her back to her unhappy life being a Harvard professor?

Ms. Jameson has a hit here with her first installment of “The Glimpse Time Traveler” series! This story taking place in Brooklyn 1776 is a great glimpse of an American battle and the characters that support this war. The tempo is quick and concise, the character development is fantastic, and readers will not be able to put this hot and steamy romantic tale down. The historical facts are well researched and will transport readers back in time. Every thread was nicely sewn up and readers will have a few happy surprises at the end. Readers will surely enjoy the other works in this series.

Julie Caicco