Enemy of the Highlander (The Highland Chiefs Series, book 3)


In medieval times, marriage was about political arrangements and those married were usually strangers at first.  Star-crossed lovers Freya MacKay and Ronan Sutherland had their happiness thwarted by a bloody feud.  Their clans were bitter enemies, so Freya did not see a future with the man she loved.  Two years later, Ronan never forgot the passion they shared.  His sadistic uncle has returned with a grandiose war agenda.  Usurped as clan chief, Ronan proposes an alliance with Clan MacKay, but his love for Freya may ruin his plans.  Their rekindled passion may prove too hard resist despite the high stakes.


Scottish clan politics, tempestuous love, and sacrifice are dominant themes in “Enemy of the Highlander.”   Book three in the Highland Chiefs acquaints readers with the reality of a long ago time while allowing the love interests to defy conventions in order to appease romantics craving a happy ending.  Still, there is a feeling of whiplash, as emotions frequently run hot and cold between Freya and Ronan.  Their faltering sense of honor becomes the reader’s burden – either embrace their ardor or view them as indecisive people – depending on their situation.  There’s also a lack of scene transitions leaving readers without a sense of time and place as events rapidly unfold.  One of the highlights of this romance is the 15th century setting.  Castles with hidden passageways, Crown manipulations, jousting tournaments, and battles create tense moments. While there are inconsistent aspects in “Enemy of the Highlander,” the setting allows for escapism with this star-crossed lover Highland romance.  


Anna Fitzgerald