Enchanted Highlands: Holiday Collection

Dawn Marie Hamilton, April Holthaus,
Victoria Zak

The magic of the holiday season links three novellas and three couples across space and time. Facing insurmountable odds such as death, time, and treachery, the star-crossed lovers have to depend on each other while trusting in the strength of their newfound bond to find the object of their hearts' deepest desires - eternal love.  Woven throughout each tale are the Highlands of Scotland, the mysticism of the Druids, and the Twelve Days of Yule - a Christmas-like celebration. Facing impossible odds, their trust in fate and discovery of the true meaning of the season finds them in the arms of the one they love. 

The anthology of three stories follows a similar story arc: meeting the lovelorn characters, wishing upon a bundle of holly leaves and ivy, and waking to find their one true love in the morrow. All three authors weave the past into their creations skillfully though the final tale, “Once Upon a Winter Solstice”, had the most cohesive story arc. The first tale, “Twelvetide", is confusing with its frequent flip-flopping through time from present to past and back again. The second novella, “Stars and Stones”, took a workaholic and turned his perfectly ordered life on his ear. Though easier to follow, his ghostly soul mate was lacking and one found it hard to root for her limp character. The third installment was by far the most cohesive, time-traveling love story. Its characters embraced the spirit of the holiday and power of never-ending love.  

Amy Willis