Enchanted by the Earl


Rose Woodcourt was destitute after her father's death, but has been able to cut out a simple life as a seamstress. Word of her remarkable work travels fast and she soon is taken under the wing of Lady Julia Thorne, who becomes not only her patroness but her secret matchmaker, trying to acquaint her with her brother - Hunter Thorne, the Earl of Aubrey. The vile Dewitt Wolfe insists he has proof of a previous betrothal to Rose and is determined to marry her. Hunter denies his true feelings but will do all to protect her even at the cost of his own heart.


This story is enjoyable and witty, featuring a delectable hero who swoops in to save the day in a timely fashion. Rose is feisty and though she does not give in to being the damsel in distress easily, one can forgive her for it, especially with such a dashing Earl as Hunter there by her side. He is the kind of man that is compassionate, always choosing with his heart first and his mind second, which wins him much esteem from both the heroine and the reader. Rose, Hunter and the sinister Dewitt seal the love triangle with charm, capturing all that is wonderful about a classic Regency romance. This story even with the typical and predictable style is never dull and always delightful.


Margaret Faria