To Enchant A Highland Earl (Heart of a Scot Book 5)


Broden McGregor’s life is not going the way he anticipated. He never expected to inherit an Earldom. He never expected his life would be in danger, and, he certainly never expected to fall in love with his best friend’s sister, Kendra.  Circumstances throw Broden and Kendra together, and suddenly they are seeing each other in a new light. But rules are rules, and it would seem there may be obstacles that even the best of intentions cannot overcome.  Is there any way for Broden and Kendra to find their happily ever after in the Highlands of Scotland, or is this relationship fated to fail before it can even begin? 

Set in the Highlands of Scotland in the 1700’s, the story quickly sweeps the reader into the action, and the pages maintain their grip until the end.  The language immediately creates the mood and setting, easily transporting the reader back in time to find themselves rooting for the unlikely pairing of Broden and Kendra.  Forbidden love is often the sweetest, and that would certainly appear to be the case here, as the reader wills the couple to overcome obstacles in their path—from the expected frowns regarding status, to the actual life threatening circumstances facing Broden.  The only complaint would be that the story moves a little too quickly at times, occasionally rushing over details that the reader may have liked to see expanded, but overall, “To Enchant A Highland Earl” provides an extremely satisfying read!

Melanie Newton