Empowered by the Earl (Second Sons of London Book 3)


Major Owen Hasbury, the second son of the Earl of Danbury, is serving in the military, fighting the war against Bonaparte. Owen receives a letter from the family solicitor begging him to come home to settle affairs. When Owen arrives at Danbury, his brother has died, making Owen the new Earl. Owen’s friend, Everett, invites Owen to his house party, to hopefully meet a bride. Everett and his wife invite Miss Louisa Goulding, her cousin, to come visit also. When Louisa arrives, Owen is instantly attracted to her. Louisa knows that Everett and her cousin want them to get married. Instead, Owen and Louisa join forces to protect each other. The plan is set into motion, except neither was expecting to fall in love, which could ruin the best laid plans, no matter how both try to avoid it.

This intriguing enemies to lovers Regency tale does have an interesting premise of a second son inheriting a title. This might be the third in the series, yet can stand alone with very little confusion. It might help to read the previous books to understand the past history. Regency mores aren’t strictly followed either. The verbal sparring and bantering is entertaining. Unfortunately, the many miscommunications between the main characters become tediously boring, and the plotlines also seem dully formulaic. When Owen and Louisa are finally able to express themselves, the book rushes through the conflict so quickly that the anger doesn’t even feel genuine. Owen, the brash, handsome Earl leaves much to be desired. Louisa, the strong-willed, independent, smart heroine, makes up for the hero’s shortcomings though. The story is nonetheless amusing, and a satisfying read.

Roslynn Ernst