Embellished in Mauve (Colors of Scandal #7)


Lady Cecilia Holmes is attending a month-long wedding house party in the Scottish Highlands with her family, but her heart remains in London where she’d been learning to be a nurse. She spends her time walking the hills and promptly becomes lost. She’s annoyed when her peace is interrupted by a handsome man and his adorable dog, but is soon charmed by them both. Mathias Stahley, the Earl of Huxington, has no interest in the title he was never supposed to inherit and would rather be pursuing his passion as a London barrister. He has no interest in high society or marriage, so a house party is the last place he wants to be. Unfortunately, he can’t miss his cousin’s wedding. He finds himself befriending an English lass and beginning to feel more for her than simple friendship, until a compromising position forces a betrothal and drives a wedge between them that could make or break their relationship.

This quick read embodies that indefinable, magical quality found only in the Highlands. Descriptions are such that readers can picture the wild landscape and get swept away by the adventure and sense of otherworldliness right along with the characters. Cecilia and Mathias each face issues and barriers to achieving their dreams that resonate across centuries. Though they are both mistrustful and hesitant to give their feelings free rein, their emotions come through very clearly, which serves to pull the reader into the story. With others working to keep them apart, Mathias and Cecilia must learn to communicate and trust each other, and their journey to develop those elements of their relationship is lovely to read. Absolutely delightful!

Niki Price