The Elusive Wife


Jason Cavendish, Earl of Coventry, has a slight problem. You see, he married a lady while he was a trifle drunk, so he can’t exactly recall what she looks like. Now she’s somewhere in London, wandering around. And then there’s Lady Olivia Grant, a beautiful young lady he is enamored with, but he can’t approach her until he secures an annulment from his wife. Quite a mess, isn’t it? 

Lady Olivia simply can’t believe it – her own husband doesn’t recognize her! To make things worse he’s flirting with another woman while being married. True, that other woman is her, but he doesn’t know it. How does a woman resolve an issue like that? After all, her happiness depends on it.


Jason has made such a hash of things, that it makes for an interesting read, that’s for sure. Now, he wasn’t as likeable for the same precise reasons – his treatment of his wife was far from gentlemanly:  true, that marriage wasn’t his choice but it still rankled. Jason and Olivia’s relationship is definitely unusual, but it still managed to be convincing and believing that they will actually be happy is actually pretty easy. The plot flows nicely, there are lots of funny, romantic, cute moments (although there was a somewhat unnecessary suspense twist at the end). All in all, a fun regency romp!


Ana Smith