Ella (An Everland Ever After Tale)


WESTERN:  When young Ella’s mother marries a wealthy widower with three daughters of his own in the Wyoming territory town of Everland, it’s anything but a fairytale marriage. After her mother’s death Ella is nothing more than a servant in the household, downgraded to sleeping at the kitchen hearth and never allowed off the ranch. With no other place to go, the accomplished seamstress endures her step-family’s cruel barbs, mistreatment, neglect, and overwhelming workload. After Ian Crowne loses a leg in the Civil War, he moves to Everland and opens Crowne Mercantile. The successful businessman is handsome, but women aren’t able to see past his disability . . . until a callused little seamstress, wearing ill-fitting boots, walks into his store. One look at her and he can’t get enough.


There are only so many ways one can retell the Cinderella story. Fortunately for us, Ms. Lee impresses with her ability to carve this story into her own, adding twists and unique situations to make it anything but boring. While pleasantly free of violence and profanity, there is just enough emotional pull and mentions of physical arousal to keep readers fanning themselves. It deals with real issues such as prejudices, animal cruelty, the scars and horrors of war, overcoming hardship and physical disabilities, and forced servitude—all while the author melts hearts with her sweet story-telling abilities. A marvelously delightful treat for any fan of pioneer-style romance, and a hugely recommended read!

Clarice Silvers