The Elf Lord's Revenge


PARANORMAL:  Allydan sath Nulan, a member of the ruling family of elves in Aelynghyst, has returned from abroad to his estate in California to discover his family murdered and his home destroyed. While tracking down the murderer, he rescues human Emma Treadburn from a wagon accident.  Emma, travelling alone after fighting off the lecherous advances of her employer, is suffering from wounds she received while trying to save a woman and her child from a runaway wagon. Allydan takes her to his rancho and she finds herself falling for the handsome stranger with exotic looks who saved her.


This historical fantasy, set in the 1800’s, is a unique take on elves. There is a little of the expected sword wielding, but it primarily focuses on Allydan’s attempt to find his family’s murderer while dealing with his attraction for a human woman. There are multiple viewpoints and story lines within the plot, but they do not impede the reader’s focus. The ending is not as fleshed out and climatic as expected, considering Allydan’s objective of punishing the killer of his family, but the revenge interlaces pleasantly with the romance throughout the pages.  Arabella Thorne has penned an appealing and very engaging story.


"The Elf Lord's Revenge" is well-written and moves at a good pace. The protagonists are interesting and likeable, and the villains are nefarious. The elements of romance, love, mystery, and magic mix together nicely to make this an enchanting tale that readers of historical romance and romantic fantasy will find innovative, magical, and enjoyable!


Janna Shay