Sydney Jane

Eleanor has grown into quite the young woman — smart as a whip, intelligent, and endlessly adventurous. She has endured two seasons in London’s society with increasing boredom and restlessness, especially considering her heart already belongs to another: Grayson. He has mutual feelings for her, but holds back confessing them, even to himself, because of undue concerns he possesses. While being forced to stay at the same house together, Grayson soon realizes he cannot deny his growing attraction for the spunky Eleanor. He must learn to trust himself and his feelings, or else risk losing his Eleanor forevermore.

What a fun story to take the reader back to the regency period! From the way the characters are written to individual threads of storytelling, this tale jumps off the page and into the audience’s mind and heart — creating a personal movie and connection. However, the climax feels incredibly forced because the characters are skirting around the fact the conflict can be solved quickly and with little misunderstanding. The first bit of the book is quite difficult to get into. Thankfully, it does quicken rapidly and the protagonist has a charm about her, making it almost impossible to stay grumpy with the book. The sweet undertones of chivalry and honor embody this genre with precision with a sweet ending, which causes beauty to be the final taste of the day.

Yannie Sorensen