Echo of Roses (Echoes In Time Book 1)


TIME TRAVEL: Kestrel Lancaster is disillusioned with men and concentrating on her passion, which is being an historian. One Sunday, she is summoned by a lawyer regarding an inheritance waiting for her. She meets Mr. Green and is given a worn, burned brooch. Rubbing it, it drops and she finds herself on a battleground, circa 1485 during the War of the Roses. The knight who saves her is Sir Nicholas de Marre. He is fighting for King Richard. Kestrel’s ancestors fought against Richard. Kestrel convinces Nicholas she is from the twenty-first century because of her strange speech and clothes. He takes her home with him to protect her from those who may try to burn her as a witch. Kestrel easily assimilates into the fifteenth century, but brings changes from her time. Her goal is to return home to her time, so Nicholas introduces her to several of the villagers who may be able to help.

Ms. Quinn spins a lively tale combining the War of the Roses, Knights of the Round Table, and time travel. It is a unique tale with countless plot twists which keep the reader engaged. The story starts off slow, but gains momentum as the reader gets further into the novel. Kestrel is not an altogether likable heroine. Although trying to assimilate into the year 1485, she brings a lot of her culture along with her which can change history. She also reveals some of the future. What responsible historian would do this? Ms. Quinn cleverly adds a history lesson and makes it exciting and realistic. An interesting read for history buffs or those interested in the War of the Roses.

Belinda Wilson