The Echo

Sarah Lockhart

Miss Sarah Vere is in disgrace.  Her brother killed Lord Nicholas Grey in a duel, and now his twin brother, Lord Harry Grey shuns her in public.  To make matters worse, Sarah’s brother, George, disappeared immediately after the duel and has not been seen or heard from for several years.  Without a man around, Sarah and her mother have no income and no one to defend them from vicious public gossip.  Their situation is becoming desperate.  For his part, Harry knows he should despise the Vere family for what happened to his brother, but he cannot help noticing how lovely Sarah is...
Ms. Lockhart certainly knows how to turn a phrase.  The entire book is written in gorgeous, poetic language.  It is obvious that the author has extensive knowledge of the speech patterns and vocabulary of the time period (the Napoleon campaigns), but that language is so far removed from what is commonly used today that many readers may find it hard to understand what is actually happening in the story.  The dialog between characters should be simplified, with an occasional word or phrase to show off those old-fashioned speech patterns.  Additionally, much of the story consists of backbiting and social snubbing among the wealthy.  It would be nice if more attention were paid to the romance of the tale.  Ms. Lockhart is unquestionably a talented writer, and, with a bit of editing, this book will be enjoyed by a wide variety of readers.
Leslie Stokes