The Earl's Masquerade


Lady Catherine Elmsworth has little interest in her first London Season. While her Aunt Margaret is determined to ensure her niece is a success and makes a splendid match, Catherine is only interested in the handsome stranger who plays in the orchestra. Garrett Brennan is enjoying his time as a violinist while he finishes his studies at Cambridge. Yet, a chance meeting with Lady Catherine makes him wonder if their meeting could become more. Lord Brooks Darling is handsome, charming, and very interested in Lady Catherine. Will the lady give him a chance when the forbidden violinist turns her head, or will Brooks’ genuine kindness and attention win the day? Lady Catherine must make a choice, and her choice will change them all forever. 

A historical romance with soap opera-worthy passion, “The Earl’s Masquerade” involves an emphatic love triangle with major effects. The character depth, pace, setting, and style of writing all are wonderfully utilized to build up this scenario, with either positive or negative repercussions depending on the reader’s hero preference. In fact, the main thing wrong with the story is how the two romances play out. To avoid spoilers, simply note that the first romance, involves lust-at-first-sight, with little conversational depth to it or reasons for it, and secrets. The second romance is built on conversation, trust, mutual goals, smoldering attraction, and honesty. Essentially, this is a "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" book, where Jacob fans will be screaming that Edward doesn’t actually deserve the girl. So, is the story well done? Yes, but only if you are rooting for Edward in the first place.

Sarah E Bradley