The Earl's Iron Warrant (The Duke's Pact Book 6)


Charles Battersea, Earl of Dalton, is the last remaining rake amongst his friends, as the rest have all found themselves at the altar. Not only does Charles have to deal with this loss of comradery, but he now finds himself as the reluctant substitute guardian to Miss Daisy Danworth, after the passing of her treacherous father, Lord Childress. Daisy had been put in the care of the Duke of Glastonburg, but the duke decided to turn her over to Charles, hoping to straighten him out. Daisy and her companion, Mrs. Jellops, move in with Charles and find themselves dealing with complications with servants, a missing crown jewel, murderous men from Daisy’s father’s past, and a confusing love square. Perhaps this change of events will thaw the cold hearts of both Daisy and Charles.

To claim Ms. Archer’s novel is simply a cute romance would be a terrible understatement—this novel wonderfully portrays a beautiful connection between two similar people who are forced together by tragic events only to realize their love for one another. It’s an absolutely enchanting read. The characters’ lack of communication in the first half of the book does get a bit tiresome, but if readers push through to the end, they’ll be more than satisfied with the climactic results. The connection between Daisy and Charles feels realistic, not only in its physical intimacy, but in the depth of their similarities. Watching them work as a team to get rid of the story’s villains throughout the tale is fascinating and swoon-worthy. The author does a beautiful job of tying together a pure romance between two similar beings.

Austen Grace