Earl of Wainthorpe (Wicked Earls’ Club)


Pierce Baxter Maximillian Chamberlain, the Earl of Wainthorpe, is rumored to be one of London’s notorious rapscallions, a member of the Wicked Earl’s club, and his half-Munda heritage is a black mark according to the haut ton.  Pierce’s one goal?  Ruin Bertram Normand, the twelfth Baron Fairfax, the scoundrel responsible for the death of his mother.  He’s one card away from accomplishing that task when Bertram’s cousin Bianca Salisbury steps into the mix.

Bianca Salisbury is a poor relation and ward of Fairfax. It’s been said her family descends from James II, which has allowed her opportunities where they would otherwise not be available.  Orphaned young, Bianca is determined not to end up like her mother whose circumstances forced her into prostitution.  When she learns her guardianship has been won in a wager by the wicked Earl of Wainthorpe, she disappears with the help of three ladies.

Who can resist a rake who loves babies and cats?  Not to mention a curious protective attachment to a woman who clearly is in need of his help though she doesn’t want to admit it.  Lovers of the traditional regency will enjoy reading about Pierce and Bianca’s tension-filled journey to their happy ever after, except for the epilogue.  This novella is a perfectly sweet regency romance with well-rounded main characters although a few secondary character mentions are unclear because the book is part of a series.  The spicy epilogue does not add to the story as the entire book up to this point is sweet.  Most readers will enjoy all the whoops and hollers, bells and whistles, and tit for tat.

Becca Windsor