The Earl Returns (Lords of Sussex #1)


The Earl of Merton is back! It is quite a shock since it has been three years since he disappeared. He was kidnapped and press-ganged into the Navy. It is clear that someone wants him dead, but who? Because of his plight, he decides to start a shipyard. During this time, he meets a feisty American who is not afraid to speak her mind. Miranda is normally distrustful of any nobleman, but Merton is different. Since they come from extremely different backgrounds, their families are hesitant about their union. Much to their dismay, family may be the least of their worries, and danger is around every turn. They will need to discover who the mastermind is in order to survive and be able to move on with their lives.

“The Earl Returns” is full of gloriously suspenseful twists and turns! It feels like the characters are never safe, which will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Splendid historical detail deftly showcases the social issues in England after The American Revolution. The characters are also spectacular. Miranda is an American through and through and couldn’t care less if her ideals offend the English aristocracy. The Earl of Merton is feisty and admirable, as he is determined to help those in need. Although the ending drags on for a little too long and the villain is a bit predictable, it is still an enjoyable tale! Any reader who wants to get lost in history will want to pick up this book!

Amanda Hupe