Earl of Keyworth: Wicked Earl’s Club, Book 32 (Seductive Scoundrels 12)


Landry Audsley, Earl of Keyworth, has a penchant for human rights. Why hire proper maids or groundskeepers if he can train orphans off the street for the same job and give them a better quality of life? Landry’s peers amongst the “ton” think his behaviors strange, but he is well loved amongst his servants and the youth of the street. However, Celestia Tolman, daughter of Landry’s former scrivener, holds a grudge. The Earl of Keyworth’s dismissal of her father leaves her family’s business, and her life, in a precarious spot. When Landry seeks out Celestia for her help as a scrivener, their attraction blossoms. But a romance between a commoner and a noble is unheard of—perhaps even impossible.

Collette Cameron delights her readers with a quick, yet sweet and engrossing, enemies to lovers historical romance that crosses the classes in a delightful way. Celestia is an engaging and well-rounded character with whom readers can easily relate. Ms. Cameron excels in using language befitting of the time period. However, sometime vocabulary words are bandied about in a way that feels showy rather than organic, with a handful of incorrect words causing minor grammatical issues. But the excellent points of her writing far outshine any negatives. Characters are all sufficiently deep, pacing is excellent, and the story arc is well developed, keeping readers engaged throughout the entirety of the story. In fact, Ms. Cameron’s characterizations are so intriguing as to leave her readers wanting more interaction with these characters. Enchanting and captivating, Collette Cameron’s story excels at bringing the world of 1810 London to life.

Shailyn Rogers