Earl of Harrington (Wicked Earl's Club #12)


Jonas Parker, the Earl of Harrington, is not interested in following his grandfather’s dictates, even if the man is the Duke of Southington. Introduced to The Wicked Earls’ Club by his mentor, Lord Coventry, Jonas has finally found a safe haven from his grandfather’s machinations. Thus, when Lord Coventry asks Jonas and his friends to accompany his daughter and her friends to a country house party, Jonas can’t help agreeing. Lady Marian Lindsay is content as a bluestocking spinster trying to become a doctor. Chasing a rumor of a lady doctor in Kent, Marian and her friends set their sights on a house party to uncover the truth. Marian and Jonas have every reason to stay single, but with sparks flying, and scheming relatives all around, matrimony might just fill a need neither of them thought they had.

A historical romance full of steam, “Earl of Harrington” is a stand-alone house party romance. Beginning with almost insta-love, this book is a dance around the simmering attraction the main characters have that culminates in a run for home plate that heats up at second base. While the motivations of the characters are stated at the beginning, the story does seem to fall short in Marian’s pursuit of her dreams, and even the conflict between Jonas and his grandfather is mostly spoken about rather than shown until the very end leaving a contrived feeling. Still, fans of historical romance will find this a light but enjoyable read.

Sarah E Bradley