Earl Grafton and the Traitor (Fernley Family A Regency-era Romance Book 1)

Suddenly orphaned at the age of twenty, Briar Kensington is called to Yorkshire, England by her kind grandfather. It is quite a change from her native Boston. Briar meets the neighbor and things go poorly. He refuses to give his name and obviously distains Americans. At this point, Briar
abhors him. Mr. Kensington, her grandfather, hopes Briar will make a match with one of the seven Fernley men. Mr. Kensington is urgently needed in France for the family business, and Briar is to stay behind with the neighbor. She is horrified when she learns the neighbor is none other than
Earl Grafton, the eldest of the Fernley brothers and the one person she detests above all! During her stay, Briar eliminates marrying each brother, convincing herself why they would not work as a match. Each time, Baxter, Earl Grafton is left as a choice, but he cannot be the one!
“Earl Grafton and the Traitor” is a delightful tale of extreme emotions between the main characters. Exquisitely crafted and detailed, one can see the characters and watch the scenes as they play out. Baxter’s brothers and his mother, as secondary characters, are enchanting, and each has their own story. The reader is given a peek into them throughout the story with more to be revealed in later stories. Baxter tends to be combative and yet close mouthed toward Briar, so Lady Fernley steps in to share the Fernley family lore with Briar. The friction between Baxter and Briar is as prickly as her name. Readers will be excited to know this novel is part of a series. An exhilarating romance, it keeps readers wanting more.
Belinda Wilson