The Earl, a Girl, and a Promise


Paul Danton is a man used to living a sedate life, suppressing his baser needs and desires.  When he finds himself in an alley next to a club known for its debauchery, holding a nearly naked Emma Latterly, he does something completely foreign to his personality:  he propositions Emma and indulges in a night of passion!   However, when he finds out that the woman he slept with is none other than his ne’er-do-well cousin’s sister, he finds himself in a quandary; trying to justify his actions and find happiness.  

This book, set in the Victorian age, is the interesting love story of man denying his true self, and a woman who is fighting to better herself and not become a woman of easy virtue like her mother. Emma’s willingness to engage in a night of sexual delights for money with a total stranger despite her efforts and schooling to better herself,  is totally incongruous with the steps she’s taking to change her future. Also, the time it took for Paul and Emma to fall in love was a little rushed, but did not detract from the overall appeal of the tale. This entertaining story touches upon some of the unpleasantness of life along with the joys of love and draws the reader into this love story. It does contain explicit sexual content, but the romance will have the reader rooting for the happily ever after!

Janna Shay