The Earl of Excess (The Rakes of Mayhem Book 1)

St. Claire

When he is wounded and then piled under dead soldiers, Colonel Matthew Romney is sure he is going to die. But luck is on his side when he is found by a woman who will change his life. Bethany Phillips is looking for herbs when she is caught in the crossfire of a battle, she takes cover until it’s over. When the battle has ended, she finds an injured man under a pile of dead bodies. She tends to his wounds, and their feelings for one another become deeper. When Matthew receives word from home, he and Bethany begin a dangerous journey which puts both of their lives in peril. Will they make it to the other side and get their happily ever after.

From the outset, the descriptions of the battles are wonderfully accurate and vivid. Anna St. Claire has clearly worked hard to ensure that the book authentically describes the events which happened during that period. Bethany is a strong character, and the way she and Matthew interact is brilliant to read and will have readers smiling with their interactions. The other added bonus is Bethany’s little dog who is a great addition to this novel. The plot moves at a brisk pace with several twists and turns that are the definition of edge of the seat. Take the leap and download this great beginning to the series! It will be exciting to see where it goes from here. Another one that shouldn’t be missed this holiday season.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick