Earl of Every Sin – Sins and Scoundrels, Book 4


Alessandro, the half-Spanish Earl of Rayne, wants nothing more than to leave England and return to his beloved Spain. However, to keep his inherited title, he must find a wife and produce an heir. Lady Catriona Hamilton, returning to society after her naïve, trusting heart leads her to ruin and banishment has been betrothed to the Earl of Rayne to settle a debt of honor between her drunkard brother and the Earl. Agreeing to a marriage of convenience that will give Alessandro his heir and Catriona her independence, the unbridled passion between the two of them causes a hitch in their plans. If they want to experience the love the fates have placed in their grasp, he must come to terms with his past, and she must learn to let her brother take responsibility for his actions.

 “Earl of Every Sin” is a sinfully sensual historical romance readers will enjoy! Even though the plot is familiar, Ms. Scott manages to infuse this marriage of convenience tale with enough passion between the two main characters to keep the pages turning. Readers may be disappointed by the hints that don’t provide a reasonable explanation for the brother’s behavior. The scoundrel is also predictable, and his presence seems unnecessary. Those distractions can be overlooked because the chemistry between the romantic couple is off the charts! The Earl is a broody, commanding, sexy Spaniard with a big chip on his shoulder. The heroine is a passionate English lady determined to capture her husband’s heart. Scarlett Scott delivers a tale with relatable characters in a compelling world of high society, family drama, exciting love scenes, and a satisfying conclusion!

Tonya Mathenia