Earl of Deception (Sisterhood of Secrets – Book 4)


Nicholas, Earl of Dowding, is out for revenge against the men who wronged his family. Based on a promise he made to his dying father, Nicholas sets out to systematically avenge these wrongs one-by-one. All goes as planned until he reaches the end of the line, the last man. In order to complete his task, he requires a ‘wife’ in appearance only and for one night only, so he calls on Miss Jenny Clifton, a young woman who owes him a favor. However, it doesn’t take long before Jenny realizes their unique friendship could be so much more if Nicholas would let down the walls he’s built around his heart.

 “Earl of Deception” is yet another stellar addition to this delightful series. The reader is once again transported to Mrs. Rutley’s School for Girls as yet another of her charges relates the story of how she fell in love. Told in the book’s current time and in flashback, the transitions are smooth and add to the story. Miss Jenny is wise beyond her years, most likely because of Mrs. Rutley’s training and her undying loyalty to both the headmistress and her best friends who appear in each of the books. The ongoing characters add the perfect setup for the next book, amping up readers’ expectations for the continuation of the series. The slow-burn romance between Jenny and Nicholas is what all great love stories are made of... to perfection. While this book, and the others before it, can be read as standalone romances, readers would be cheating themselves out of a lot of entertainment if they didn’t read the entire series from start to finish!

N.E. Kelley