Earl of Darby (Wicked Earls' Club)(Once Upon a Widow Book 4)


REGENCY:  Nicholas, the Earl of Darby, is haunted by the death of his wife five years ago on Christmas Eve. Since then, he has joined the Wicked Earls' Club and developed the reputation of a rake. Hannah Pendleton is excited to be visiting London to take part in the entertainment. She hopes to meet her childhood crush. Instead she discovers fate has different plans when she meets the Earl of Darby. His sister is also entering her first season, and the girls' friendship brings Hannah in regular contact with Nicholas. Although she's aware of his reputation, she is certain that underneath the public mask he wears, he seeks true love. Despite his belief that he is no good for Hannah, he cannot resist her. But he has a vow to complete and an enemy to defeat--an enemy willing to destroy Hannah unless Nicholas is willing to risk all.

"Earl of Darby" is a pleasant, quick read for any afternoon! Both Hannah and Nicholas are quite likable and deserving of the happiness they find together. Hannah's Aunt Bertie is a delightful character and almost steals the show. The story begins with the tragic death of Nicholas' wife and then jumps forward five years. At the start there were a number of characters and relationships that were difficult to keep straight. It takes time for Hannah and Nicholas to meet, but once they do, the story settles into an easy pace. Moreover, the climax and final scene on Christmas Day provide a roller-coaster ride of emotions. "Earl of Darby" offers romance, villainy and redemption to satisfy any romance reader!

Tricia Hill