Earl of Brecken (Wicked Earls' Club)


Evelina Franklin dreams of true love like she reads about in her romance novels, with handsome dukes and dashing highwayman. Instead, her enormous dowery seems to attract only fortune hunters. Madoc, the Earl of Brecken, needs money. When his father dies and he discovers their Welsh Estate has been left in ruins, he has no choice but to return home and restore it to its former glory, for his mother’s sake if nothing else. Attending the season and marrying an heiress seems to be a straightforward solution, but when he encounters Miss Franklin and comes to know her, he finds the way she makes him feel stirs his conscience with unexpected consequences. To save his family estate he needs Evelina’s dowery, but to save his own heart and hers, he’ll need to convince her that he needs her more.

A quick-paced romance set during a typical London Season, Evelina and Madoc are drawn together immediately and their romance is a whirlwind of a read. Readers who enjoy light and quick romances, particularly those with a hint of hijinks without the darkness or excessive steam of “wicked earls” will enjoy this book which has minor conflict and just enough action as Madoc tracks down his stolen funds to balance the romance. However, there is little original content, memorable conversations, emotions, or depth to make this book stand out. Still, readers who prefer this genre will find that it provides the kind of satisfaction one might want when life is too much and a guaranteed happy ending is needed!

Sarah E Bradley