The Earl’s Enticement


Adaira Ferguson is a problem. Ever since she turned sixteen, she’s worn nothing but men’s breeches, shirts, and vests - which wouldn’t be so troublesome if the year weren’t 1817. She is very petite and willowy, and in her boy’s attire with her beautiful hair up under a Scottish bonnet, she has just been mistaken for a young boy by a “Mr.” Marquardt. This gentleman prefers not to let anyone know that he is an Earl while traveling, for safety’s sake. This time the omission will cause him even more trouble than it is worth; for a "Mr. Marquardt" has done harm to her Adaira's sister-in-law in the past, and now her mind is on nothing but revenge and saving her family further trouble from Mr. Edgar Marquardt.


An exceptional, entertaining, and gripping retelling of My Fair Lady, "The Earl's Enticement" is ripe with frequent plot twists and steamy interludes. The characters are full bodied and witty, and the family is close knit with a good sense of justice. The suspense in this story is absolutely spine tingling! Just as the reader thinks the mystery of the fire is solved, another plot complication arises. The Scottish brogue spoken by Adaira’s family, as well as the French spoken by her mother add flair to a story filled with grace and decorum. Ms. Cameron presents a novel with an interesting turn to an old tale that made it difficult to put down until the last page was turned!


Belinda Wilson