At the Earl’s Convenience


REGENCY:  Miss Selina Wakefield is an heiress, though her father is not a member of the ton. Giles Devereux, Earl of Holcrow, needs an heiress to wed in order to restore his family home and take care of his tenants. After asking Selina to marry him several times, she finally relents. She has always loved the earl, but doesn’t want to let him know, since he has said nothing of having feelings for her. He has promised to honor her and to be fair and honest to her. Which begs the question, why did he leave her alone at the inn on their wedding night?


This is a lovely story that can be read in an afternoon. The plot is original in that usually it is the bride who runs away on the wedding day, not the groom disappearing on the wedding night. Selina is a delightful character and the reader can feel her frustrations caused by the earl from the very beginning. But she rallies and goes on to be a very strong leading lady. Giles isn’t as strong of a character; he tends to fall flat at times. Although there isn’t much detail as far as the backdrop of the story, Ms. Andersen writes a delightful story that flows well. This is a wonderful, light tale that any fan of romance would enjoy!


Belinda Wilson