Reviews - Historical

Georgiana Beresford comes from a large family of beautiful women, and she is no exception. She, however, is determined never to marry without love.

The last granddaughter of Adam MacHeth, Affrica MacHeth, is at the center of change during Scotland’s tumultuous years between 1200 and 1235, including the Ross rebellion’s last MacHeth rise against the King of Scots. A sensitive girl, Affrica, sees the thoughts and intent of others, especially her brothers and cousins, by her tenth year.

Lady Joanna “Jo” Mabry loves and borrows books from other society members’ personal libraries. When Jo is invited to the home of James Huntington, the Duke of Northwick’s, she discovers his coveted book collection. She is awed by the number of books the duke has and decides to find a book she can abscond with.

Caitriona Murray has been obsessed with the ancient tales of the legendary Pict King Brodyn and his unnamed wife for ages. She has even seen him in her dreams. When she joins an archaeological excavation in the caves of Scotland, she is finally moments away from a great discovery. In fact, she believes that the cave they’ve chosen to explore is none other than the burial site of King Brodyn.

Between the Sky and the Sea
Williams Kline

Lavinia Onslow is on board the Pulaski with her father. The year is 1838 and Lavinia happens to catch the attention of a young man who she comes to know as Daniel. One fateful night the Pulaski seems to have some trouble with the boiler, and it explodes, sinking the ship.