Reviews - Historical

Alessandro, the half-Spanish Earl of Rayne, wants nothing more than to leave England and return to his beloved Spain. However, to keep his inherited title, he must find a wife and produce an heir.

Fire & Frost: A Bluestocking Belles Collection
Rue Allyn, Sherry Ewing,
Jude Knight, Amy Quinton, Caroline Warfield

In a city filled with the wounded and unemployed veterans of the Napoleonic wars, a group of society women take it upon themselves to find a way to help these men and their families.  With a winter picnic auction and a Ladies society as the centerpiece, five separate couples will find themselves putting not only their time on the line but also their hearts.  This collection of short stories wil

Pirate Captain Dominic Greyville gets intel that the vessel Fortune is carrying treasure so valuable a Navy Rear Admiral is on the ship helping to guard the precious cargo. After defeating the Fortune, he boards the ship and puts the crew and the Rear Admiral on longboats to fend for themselves.

Ardath Nightshade climbs the “stairway to nowhere” at the urging of Professor Henri Seacrest. Upon reaching the top, the stairs vibrate and Ardath finds herself transported to the year 1102!  Freya meets her and tells her she is expected. She is whisked away to the castle of Hugh Seacrest, who looks remarkably similar to Professor Seacrest!

The Girl in Gray

1939: Finland is at war with Russia. Sini Toivola prepares dinner for Dr. Marko Linna, just arriving back home from military training. Sini dreams of having a life with him, but Marko never shows. The following day he tells Sini he spent the evening with Leila Kallio, whom he has loved since childhood.