Duty Bound (Shades of Gray #1)


When Sinclair’s path crosses Captain Hunter’s, the Union scout is terrified. Thankfully, Hunter’s horse rears, throwing him into the river, bumps his head, knocking him unconscious. Sinclair does the unthinkable - rescues Hunter, before riding off. Hunter has a vendetta against Sinclair because every time their paths cross, a unit of Union soldiers ride up behind Hunter and his men. Hunter vows to kill Sinclair. Only Colonel Jordan knows Sinclair is really his wife’s cousin, Andrea Evans. She is more hard-headed than any man and often rejects orders. She now wants an assignment to Richmond, where she will infiltrate as a Southern belle and will act as a Union spy. Jordan refuses at first, then reconsiders, knowing it is the best way to keep her out of Hunter’s clutches.

“Duty Bound” is a beautiful saga of the life of a valiant woman and the courageous men she loves. This brilliantly executed epic features the bravest men and women fighting for their beliefs. Andrea Evans atop her charger, Justus, is a force to be reckoned with. She has numerous close calls but manages to escape due to her cunning. Captain Alexander Hunter is one to be admired. He is a man of his word and crafty as a fox. The one disappointment is the ending. It is a cliffhanger, so the reader gets no satisfaction until the other books in the trilogy are read. The world building is very realistic and one can feel the discomfort of the Calvary as they ride through the rain. This gripping, epic novel mesmerizes readers, transporting them back to the furies of war!

Belinda Wilson