The Dumont Brand (Two Brothers: Two Stories)

Kathleen Rice

Beautiful and refined, Josephine LaPierre travels from New Orleans to the Dumont Ranch in Texas to marry a man she’s never met. Indeed, Bennett Collier is an enigma; he is the heir to the richest and most successful ranch in the state, but barely takes the time to meet his new bride.  To her dismay, Josephine finds herself more and more attracted to ranch hand Amon, a man who has many secrets.  She in turn must keep the most important events of her own past to herself.  How will she negotiate this familial quagmire of half-truths?

“The Dumont Brand” is two interrelated stories of the Collier brothers.  The author tells a darn good story with skillful prose that engages the reader’s heart and mind.  The story of Josephine’s and Amon‘s struggle for acceptance and love in the face of overwhelming prejudice is compelling. 

Bennett Collier is not likeable, but he is presented with such insight and compassion that the reader cannot help but empathize with him and root for him to see the error of his ways.  Indeed, the story is so well written and the characters so well drawn, that the brevity of the stories is disappointing.  They deserve to be expanded into full-length novels.

“The Dumont Brand (Two Brothers: Two Stories)” is an excellent book that balances romance with gritty reality.  Well done!

Gwenellen Tarbet