The Duke Who Deceived


Since an accident took the lives of both her parents, Elanor Huxley has found herself a penniless orphan on the outskirts of society. Now living with her self-centered cousins, she focuses her efforts on saving and investing what little funds she has left with the hopes of one day having a quiet life on her own in the country. When she and her reckless cousin are rescued from a carriage accident by a handsome stranger, Mr. Patrick, Elanor begins to dream a bit bigger. Christopher, the Duke of Price, holds his true identity back from Elanor as he has just inherited the title after a mistake in his youth saw him banished from England, making him an enemy of Elanor’s cousin. He wants Elanor to get to know him more organically, but he can never seem to find the right time to tell the truth, so when Elanor learns it by accident, it seems his chances with her are dashed.

For readers who appreciate high angst and the hidden identity trope, this book is an excellent choice. Those readers who are not sticklers for historical accuracy will enjoy this take on Regency romance with a heroine who refuses to be swayed from her goals. However, it is that same obstinacy that makes Elanor seem changeable at times with regards to her views on propriety, morality and forgiveness. The main characters of this story could use some polish and maturity but are charming in their cluelessness. The communication between them is somewhat lacking, but the time the hero and heroine spend learning about each other and Kit’s tenacity in pursuing Elanor will charm many readers.

Niki Price