Duke of Renown (Dukes of Distinction Book 1)


Lady Phoebe Smythe was content with her life until she lost everything. A year later, she rents a cottage in Cornwall assuming the guise of a respectable, middleclass widow as she begins to make decisions about her life. What she doesn't expect is to come upon a man half-drowned and shot! Captain Andrew Graham has sold out of the military and taken up his responsibilities as the Duke of Windham. Unfortunately, his wastrel half-brother wants the dukedom and shoots Andrew! When Andrew wakes up in a cottage with a beautiful woman nursing him, he decides to use the time to make his plans for revenge and to find out more about his lovely savior. In time, the two grow close, though neither knows the true identity of the other, and before Andrew can declare his feelings, life intrudes, separating them. Will Andrew find the one woman he knows is meant to be his duchess, and the love of his life?

"Duke of Renown" launches the Dukes of Distinction series with a touching, twist-turning tale that will keep readers glued to the page! Although Phoebe suffers a major tragedy, the story focuses on the point of her emerging from her grief. Her resilience and compassion make her a strong heroine. Andrew has served honorably for the Crown. In Phoebe he recognizes the qualities that he values and wants in a duchess. His determination to track Phoebe down will have readers cheering him on. The combination of suspense and romance, sprinkled with touches of humor, make "Duke of Renown" a keeper that readers will want to revisit again and again!

Tricia Hill