Duke of Knight (Gentlemen of Knights #1)


Rowley Knight, Duke of Knighton, has no interest in love when there are estates to manage, siblings to care for, and society to avoid. Yet when his aunt brings a prospective companion to guide his younger sister in her preparation to come out, he little expects to find the lady he hires to be so intriguing or to hold such a grudge against him when he cannot remember ever meeting her before. Emma Lancaster knows being a companion to the duke’s sister is more than she should expect now that her family’s fortune has been gambled away and her one attempt at independence ended so badly. Yet the last person she wishes to work for is the brother of the man who ruined her family. If only being with the duke did not make her forget her new status. If her godmother gets her way, Emma and the duke will bring out the best in each other, but the past has an unfortunate way of coming to light.

A lively tale about two people with completely different circumstances tied together through an unfortunate past connection, "Duke of Knight" has just enough action and drama to ramp up the romance and keep the reader engaged from beginning to end. While the story lacks the witty dialogue or complex conflict to make it truly memorable or unique, it does have a creative background, an intriguing cast of characters, and hints at a deeper, more complex plot as the series continues with the rest of the Knight family. Overall, fans of regency romance, heroines in need of redemption, and lords fashioned after the manner of Mr. Darcy will find plenty to enjoy in this book!

Sarah E Bradley