The Duke I Came For (The Ashton Park Book 4)

Abigail Bridges

Lady Beth Ashton has been set aside by a marquis after a family scandal. Looking for a way to spend her days and remove herself from London, she seizes an offer from her sister-in-law, Rose. She will travel to Timmons’ house which is the home of Rose’s Aunt Sophia.  From the outside the house looks run down, but Beth quickly finds that the outside is just a cover to protect the secrets inside. Kit, the eighth Duke of Kirkstone arrives at Timmon’s house after a two-month search for his sister, Mary. Before he can do more than demand to see his sister, he collapses and loses consciousness. Beth, shocked to see a face she recognizes from her season decides to care for Kit until his health improves, giving her the chance to not only keep the secrets of the other residents of the house, but also to spend time caring for the man she now wonders if she should have chosen instead. 

This book is an emotional journey that showcases the darker side of London’s Society. It shows the many ways scandal can ruin a girl's life. Our main characters quickly learn that there are worse things that can happen when a scandal leaves a young woman alone. This book covers a lot of the pain caused by rumors and bad choices, while still focusing on the growing feelings between Kit and Beth. The reader finds themselves on a journey into an already created cast of characters but does not find themselves lost. The author does a wonderful job of ensuring you can fall in love with Kit and Beth and the other residents of Timmons’ house without feeling like you are missing part of the journey. Delightful!

Valerie Vicars