Duke of Havoc (Dukes of Destiny: Book One)


Third Duke of Nidderdale, Lord Reeve Malliston is one of the best military men the Duke of Wellington has. However, war scars him mentally and when he returns home with limited hearing and missing fingers, he feels like he is not the same man he was when he left. When his wife passes away, he isolates himself and leaves the care of his children up to others. When he hires an old friend’s daughter as a new governess, he doesn't realize what he is getting in Miss Caroline Sedgwyck. She sees right through the Duke and is convinced she can bring him back. 

What is enjoyable about this book is the story. It is beautiful, and really hits home about the mental and physical scars that war can leave, and how love can pull someone back from the brink. The tension between the Reeve and Caroline is fantastic and the writer keeps readers guessing as to whether they will get together in the end. There are some beautifully romantic scenes that are sweet and well written. Readers will be able to see the love building between these two characters and it will keep them immersed in the story. Hard subjects are raised in this book. Engrossing and compelling, it is clear the author has done their research on the effects of war. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick