Duke of Disrepute (Dukes of Distinction Book #3)



Weston Wallace, the Duke of Disrepute to the Polite Society, is one of the biggest rakes in the ton, only bedding a woman once and consistently engaging in scandalous affairs. However, his encounters may have started for a reason; the duke broke his engagement with his fiancée the night before their wedding when he discovered a traumatizing truth about her. After the disastrous events, Weston was adamant on never finding love again. Until Lady Elise Ruthersby, a newly widowed woman with her daughter Claire, fatedly encounter Weston when he saves them from a life-or-death circumstance. Once the two meet, they both decide to aid one another in finding the perfect spouses. Will love blossom between them before they find romance elsewhere?

This magnificent novel will sweep readers off their feet to the magical land of the ton, to get lost in the duke and lady’s fated sea of love. The blossoming story between Elise and Weston has a love at first sight connection; the characters meet in such circumstances that you know it must be true love. The ending of the novel does carry on a bit fast, making you want their love to be drawn out a bit more, but the characters’ development of a stable and loving relationship does provide ample amounts of clarity on how they came to cherish one another. The love that Weston grows for Elise’s daughter Claire is the most wholesome one in the book; it makes readers feel like they’re reading not just a romance, but a family story too. It’s truly a warming tale of the duke and widow’s way to one another.

Austen Grace