The Duke of Disorder (The Rakes of Mayhem Book Three)

St. Claire

Lucas Pemberton is the Duke of Dorman. He and his friends made a promise to never marry and live their lives as notorious rakes. Well, as time has passed Lucas is the only one not married and now his friends believe he should just take the plunge. There is no one in his life until he stops a runaway horse and saves the woman who is riding. He knows this woman, he was in love with her once but then her father married her off to someone else. Lady Harriet Dudley is a widow and is ready to return home and escape the house of pain that her late husband put her through. She has sworn off marriage forever, but then she is reunited with her first love. They both have matters that threaten to separate them again, but maybe they actually need each other to overcome the obstacles.

Calling all second chance love trope fans, this book is for you! There are a few trigger warnings. Harriet is betrayed by her father and later abused by her first husband and there are some descriptions of the abuse that occurred. Lucas and Harriet do have great chemistry but the pace meanders. There are moments where the plot feels lost. The writing leaves a lot to be desired, for instance, “meow, said the cat is mentioned more than once. There are also several repetitive scenes with Lucas and his friends with horses, which really slows down the pace. However, there is so much to love about the two wards who come into Lucas’s life! They bring such a heartwarming atmosphere leaving readers wanting more! 

Amanda Hupe