The Duke of Diamonds (Games of Gentlemen Book 1)


Upon the death of her artist father, Evelyn Pearce has done all she can to keep a roof over her and her sister's heads. Options for gentlewomen without means are few. Her one chance could allow her to take her sickening sister out of London and establish themselves in a small town. It could also bring the wrath of a duke upon their heads. Casper Brook, the eighth Duke of Rothwell, maintains a ruthless discipline over his schedule. Having saved the family from ruin, he is determined to fulfill his duties. His only pleasure is the art he collects. When a young woman offers him the pair to a painting that haunts him, he is certain there is some trick involved. But Evelyn Pearce intrigues him. More than that, she touches the man buried under the ducal mantle, and shows him a future filled with love!

"The Duke of Diamonds" is an emotionally gripping, captivating historical romance that pulls readers in and doesn't let go until the very end! Evelyn is independent, practical and courageous as she fights to provide for her sister. The duke is arrogant and fierce in his convictions, yet his character is a product of his childhood. Watching these two personalities come together is every bit as vivid as the paintings described in the story. Emotional tension and suspense move the story forward at a perfect pace. Secondary characters add a further dimension, providing laughter and mystery. On every level, "The Duke of Diamonds" delivers a powerful romance to readers that will put Emily Windsor on their must-buy list!

Tricia Hill