Duke of Depravity


Crispin Ashworth, the new Duke of Whitely, may have a grand title before his name but otherwise he’s a traitor. At least that is what Duncan, the Earl of Killross believes. He coerces Miss Jacinda Turnbow, a brilliant decipherer, to pose as governess to the Duke's two younger nieces to gain information on the Duke's traitorous behavior. Instead she is drawn to him like a moth to a flame and comes up empty on anything useful against him save his drinking and debauchery. How can she fall for the man she is helping to bring down? Kilross raises the stakes by threatening her and her father with financial ruin, yet all she can think of is her love for Crispin and what will happen when he discovers her betrayal. 

This story starts off strong and steady with wit and charm like a thoroughbred at the race. Crispin and Jacinda are like magnets drawn to each other pulling in the reader instantly. The author captures that witty and adventurous flavor of the Amanda Quick novels but splashes out with her own brand. There is an occasion or two where Crispin is too much of a rouge to take in and his behavior can redden the cheeks of even the naughtiest reader, but overall he is just the kind of man any woman would fawn over. Jacinda is able to bring out the lust and love hidden in his jaded heart with steamy and tender scenes that are simply wonderful. There is some adventure and a little danger thrown into this cat and mouse romance that will keep the reader hooked!

Maggie Faria