Duke of Decadence (Lords of Hedonism Book 1)


Lady Julia Castle is the daughter of a duke and a bluestocking! She is determined to live independently and help those less fortunate. Alonzo, Duke of Pridegate, is home in England after touring the Continent and intends to take up the mantle of his responsibilities. As a famed Verdi baritone there is no shortage of women chasing after him, but it is one woman he wants — Lady Julia. For her part, the first time she meets the duke, she is certain he is an imposter. Slowly, she falls under his spell, though she still wishes to live life on her own terms. But the reality of her position requires that she find a husband. Can an intelligent young woman of principle find love with a duke of decadence? Lady Julia is about to find out.

"Duke of Decadence" reads swiftly, and will satisfy the cravings of regency romance readers. Lady Julia is headstrong, compassionate, and quite independent for someone of her age and station. Pridegate is an apt name for the duke, given his arrogance towards the world. He and his fellow brotherhood of hedonists appear to think only of bedding women, which makes it hard to invest in Alonzo at the beginning. Eventually, Alonzo shows his serious side and his desire to be a responsible lord, but he never really confronts his past lifestyle. The conflict is resolved quickly and the story concludes in a way that might leave some readers with questions. Overall, Violetta Rand has created an intriguing story premise of artistic heroes who, like modern day rock stars, will capture their ladies' hearts!

Tricia Hill