Duke of Debauchery


The Duke of Montrose is known as the Duke of Debauchery for a good reason; his love for mistresses is only slightly outweighed by his love for booze. When a race with his best friend goes awry, Torrie is left with amnesia and Monty with a broken ankle and a belly full of guilt. Torrie’s younger sister Hattie, is a self-proclaimed “wallflower” that despises the thought of being forced to enter a ballroom. She also was harboring a secret crush on Monty dating back years, but that ceased to exist when he turned her beloved brother into a stranger. When Monty proposes out of sheer guilt, Hattie laughs in his face and refuses to even consider his suggestion. He must prove to her that a scoundrel can win over a shrinking violet and live happily ever after. 

Scarlett Scott’s entertaining tale of love set in the time of dukes and duchesses will have the reader rooting for these seemingly opposite lovers! Monty is an anguished soul that tries to drown his never-ceasing unhappiness in the next pleasure. The reader’s heart will ache for him as he attempts to win over Hattie’s heart. Hattie is unbelievably relatable — she wishes just to stay inside with her cat and her book. The only downfall to this book that the plot is very predictable and the reader may find themselves a bit bored by the end of the tale. However, the trials and tribulations that this couple endures make the journey through the pages worth it. Readers will be delighted with Ms. Scott’s steamy story of star-crossed lovers!

Jen Griffin