Duke by Day, Rogue by Night (Nelson's Tea Trilogy, #1)


Constance is traveling by ship to Spain to gain her aunt’s assistance in restoring her family’s reputation. During her voyage, the ship she is traveling on is captured and looted by pirates. Percy, a man out for revenge for the death of his sister and working undercover among this band of pirates, is Constance’s savior. Taking on the captain of the pirate ship and causing a mutiny in order to save her from being defiled by the captain is only the beginning of what Percy is willing to do to keep Constance safe - but keeping her safe from HIM is another chore all together. Unable to share his secret with Constance, Percy fights to gain her trust and keep her alive until he can return her to her uncle.

Readers will feel the heat between Constance and Percy from the moment they meet on the merchant ship!  Constance is sassy, quick-witted and certainly no wilting flower. Percy is a good man who’s been stuck in a dark world for so long he’s begun to doubt he belongs anywhere else.  The banter is witty and quick and the chemistry is explosive!  Ms. Bone has written a fantastic romantic adventure full of mystery and intrigue. Readers will be eagerly awaiting future installments in The Nelson’s Tea Series!

Molly S. Daniels