Duke of Charm (Dukes of Distinction Book 2)


Rebuffed by George, her brother’s childhood friend, Samantha Wallace is tired of waiting for him to finally see her for the woman she is. When George announces his engagement to another, heartbroken Samantha vows to find a man who is George’s opposite in every way. Accepting a rushed engagement offer from Viscount Haskett, a future Earl-to-be, Samantha soon finds herself married and miserable. George, left at the altar, endeavors on a path of bedding every woman he can until he can no longer stand the lifestyle. When Samantha unexpectedly finds herself as a widow who is being forced to marry the next heir in the family line, she escapes - only to find herself face to face with George. But Samantha is not willing to let her heart be hurt again by George, or any man ever again. Will George ever be able to prove that he has changed his rakish ways to win Samantha’s heart?

“The Duke of Charm” is the second book in the Dukes of Distinction series, but very much holds its own weight as a standalone. Intriguing characters throughout the book have their own distinct personality that fell both very real and personable. Samantha’s strong and witty banter was both delightful and humorous. Besides a few typographical errors, the storyline was well formed, original, and entertaining. Ms. Aston’s novel will keep the reader captivated with all the surprises spread throughout. A truly engaging read perfect for any occasion!

Marie Sanderson